Childstart has always been a place where children fall in love with learning —where children cry when we have holidays, because they just find so much happiness in school. Today, this remains the same. Through the years, we have found the perfect balance among different types of learning, including directed, facilitated, collaborative, and self-directed.

  • Directed: Children need appropriate directions and guidance to learn and self-regulate. Children feel safe when rules and guidelines are provided. They are able to navigate their way within the rules and thrive.
  • Facilitated: After children are directed and taught, regardless of what we teach, be it preschool content or behavior, we facilitate, discuss, and share to see how much they have understood and learned. This is how we know how much a child has learned.
  • Collaborative: Children are social beings; they have the desire to interact and work with one another. Hence, they need to learn collaborative skills for them to enjoy working together. Hence, at Childstart, projects are part of our activities. As they learn to work together, their feeling of self-worth increases.
  • Self-directed: Self-direction comes naturally to children, but often, they are so regulated because adults are afraid for their safety and for them to make mistakes and fail. Learning self-direction in a safe and encouraging environment is something we are good at. As children are encouraged to make choices, they learn to feel success and at times feel failure. Experiencing both are good as it leads children to be at home with both positive and negative feelings in a safe environment.

This might sound like big words from a preschool standpoint, but experience taught us that incorporating all those learning styles are necessary. As always, we at Childstart aims to provide children with physical, social, emotional, and cognitive age-appropriate activities to meet the needs of all types of learners. These activities coupled with a safe and stimulating environment and the caring and nurturing personalities of our faculty and staff allow children to blossom and thrive in their preschool years.


To be an Inclusive Environment for ALL preschoolers to Learn Without Limits.


To make preschoolers fall in love with learning.

To teach them to think critically.

To motivate them to put the knowledge to good use

CSI History from the Words of our Founder

“Find a job that you see yourself happily doing in the next 10 years.” Those were the words my father told me when I was at the crucial stage of reflecting on how to start my career after college. Children make me happy, being with them, teaching them, everything about them makes me happy. Right there and then, I knew that radiating happiness to children was something I could see myself doing in the years ahead. For children, they find joy even in the little things; children learn happily when one teaches them cheerfully.

Thus, in 1984 began the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) in White Plains, Quezon City. ECDC was a success, so we decided to expand the mission by establishing a new branch at 201 Orbit, Bel Air 2, Makati. It was then when the name was changed to Childstart International. Seeing how successful our first branches have been in fulfilling our mission to serve children, a third branch was established in BF homes, Paranaque. However, this branch was short-lived (3 years) because of management challenges brought about by distance. As the Makati branch continued to grow, the locations changed within Makati, from 67 Amapola, Bel Air 3, to 67 Paseo de Roxas, Urdaneta Village, Makati to Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center, Magallanes, Makati, to where it is today, Sacred Heart Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City. Today, Childstart continues to be a happy place for teaching and learning. It continues to remain relevant, always happy to serve and provide quality preschool education to all kinds of learners.


Our beloved faculty members are board-certified and are adaptable and well-versed in their respective fields of specializations to educate students in all levels. They are nurturing and are genuinely concerned for the well-being and development of each and every student. They have a high awareness of the safety and security of the students. They possess a higher level of awareness and concern towards the varying needs of our students. Our faculty measures its success through the students ability to learn and think critically, and to care for others and environment.


Children are Natural Learners​




CSI’s age-appropriate and tailored made programs provide the proper environment and experiences for optimal learning to occur. Each program is designed to fit your child’s needs.