Integral to the success the Smart Start Program is the Developmental-Interactive Approach. Our lessons are age-appropriate and made to fit your child’s needs and interests. The lessons are play-based and revolve around a spefic theme or topic. Because play is work for children, they learn in the environment that is most natural for them.

Children also learn by doing, so our centers provide them with a multitude of hands-on activities that allow them to explore and discover new things. We also provide our students exposures that broaden their knowledge and enrich their experience, like going on field trips and performing on a big stage. They are taught to be independent learners who are excited about school and are enthusiastic about learning.

Parent Involvement is important and given high regard at Childstart. Apart from regular Parent-Teacher Conference, parents are constantly updated on their child performance through the distribution of newsletters, observation checklist, narratives, and developmental reports. Parents are also invited to participate in school events.

With the parents and families’ support, our programs are able to provide children from different cultural backgrounds with opportunities to reach their full potential and prepare them for our ever-changing world.

Special Activities at Childstart: 

For the Parents: