The goals that govern Child Start International School are steadfast and executed in our Smart Start Program:

  1. We aim to provide many opportunities for children’s holistic development (physical, social, emotional, cognitve). Cognitive growth cannot be separated from the growth of personal and social processes.
  2. We aim to develop a child’s sense of autonomy and individuality. We intend to foster a strong sense of identity by letting the children make choices and be able to accept help.
  3. Our third goal is to develop social relatedness. In a fast changing world, the children must not only be adaptable but should be able to stay connected to the social world. This means helping children learn to care for others, form friendships and cherish diversity.
  4. We strive to encourage creativity by providing a wide range of means for children to express their feelings and ideas — be it through science, music and movement, visual art or simply written and spoken words.
  5. We also aim to promote an integrated way of thinking rather than compartmentalization. Our teachers act as a facilitator to learning and encourage the children to think outside the box, by doing things in more ways than one.

A greater appreciation of these goals can be seen in the concepts that we use in the execution of our curriculum.