ChildStart International (CSI) began operations in 1983 at its first location, White Plains. The proponent, at that time, was a fresh graduate who had scheduled her entire college education in the afternoons so she could pursue her desire to be a preschool teacher in the morning. After the intensive training she received in Casa Montessori, Makati the proponent felt confident enough to try her hand at running her own school. Though trained in the Montessori approach, the proponent designed her own curriculum using the developmental method; an approach she felt was better suited for learning.

During the first two years of CSI operations, the proponent pursued her master’s degree in Family Life and Child Development at the University of the Philippines. What began as a solo venture by the proponent became a family project as the proponent’s mother, went back to school to earn her masters degree as well. With two qualified directresses, the proponent branched out in 1988 to open CSI in Makati. The vision of branching out to other locations, offering the CSI education was taking form. In 2004, The Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel, invited CSI to put up a branch in their hotel to compliment their Kids Club daycare center. The present locations are doing modestly well. Enrollment population grows steadily at 10-20% a year.

Over the past twenty years of operations, CSI has developed a respected reputation among preschool operators and parents for the following reasons: Foremost, CSI was one of the first who veered from the Montessori and the Traditional style of teaching. Instead, the founding principal designed a curriculum based on the developmental-interactive approach. Second, the cultural diversity of CSI student body is perceived to provide a more stimulating environment for the preschoolers. Nearly 65% of CSI’s students (in Paseo especially) are non-Filipinos. Third, CSI graduates from its Preschool Program have a very high admission rate to leading primary schools.

Trade writers also recognize CSI for its efforts. CSI has been featured in editorials and family segments of newspapers. Another indication of the growing acceptance of the CSI approach is the school’s high referral and endorsement rate. Presently, CSI’s network of parents who have read CSI’s newspaper advertisements or have received CSI’s brochure and by the endorsements of organizations that believe firmly in the CSI approach. Three notable organizations endorse CSI to their expatriate employees with young children: International School Manila, Asian Development Bank, Japanese Club, and Japanese School.